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PT 262

RP- 45

More reasons why you'll love printing bills now

4 inch 58 column Dot Matrix Printer
Turbo Print Speed - Prints 15% faster than. 6.8 lps @ 30 col - Serve Customers faster than ever!
Prints even on 4" Roll paper - Can print on 2.25", 3" & 4"- Wider Roll paper Capability.
4-in-1 Connectivity - USB, Serial, Parallel with cash drawer support.

Unique Ink bank Refills - Prints up to 5 times more.

Features Specifications  
    • Offers a wide choice of paper roll sizes U lik ti l D t M t i P i t l t i t Print Method : 9-pin, Serial Impact Dot matrix Specifications Unlike conventional Dot Matrix Printers, it lets you print bills on – 2.25’’, 3” and 4” wide roll paper giving your customers more details
    • Printing speed of 15 bills per minute: A phenomenal printing speed that ensures that there’s no long queue at your billing counter.
    • Lasting Ribbon Cassette with 3 Ink Banks: Each ink bank prints up to 15,000 bills. Easy refill of Ribbon Cassette.
    • An all inclusive 2-year Warranty: Covers even the Print Head, the most expensive and critical component. Which means, zero maintenance cost for you.
Print Method

Printing Speed

Print width


Cash Drawer

Copy Capability

Roll paper Width

Ribbon Cassette Life


Reliability - Print Head

: 9-pin, Serial Impact Dot matrix

: 5 lps @ 16 cpi

: 2.25” – 3.9”

: USB, Parallel, Serial

: 1 port (RJ 11 Socket)

: 1 original + 1 copy

: 57 mm to 105 mm(2.25" to   4.13")

: 15 Mn Characters in Draft mode
  with 2 additional inkbanks.

: Esc POS, Esc P, IBM

: PTFE Coated, 200 Mn Characters

: Windows ME/2000/NT4.0/ XP,   Vista

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